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Hello, friends and bungalow fans!

Welcome to Our Bungalow’s 2nd Century! We always have a DIY project going on at our 99-year-old house. For some time now I’ve been thinking about writing about them. Now that we’ve begun our kitchen remodel—before we get too far down that road—the timing seems right.

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What we have …

Fred, our tuxedo cat, welcomes you to his kitchen. The cabinets along the sink wall, black Formica counters, and checkerboard vinyl floor were installed as part of a 1995 upgrade. The walls up to 4′-8″ are covered in 4×4 in. white plastic tiles with a black border. The kitchen is powered by the original knob-and-tube electrical system, with a 150 amp panel. There’s one outlet for the stove, one for the fridge, and another in the breakfast room. Period. One overhead light in the kitchen and another in the breakfast room have sufficed for decades. Yeah, my kitchen is too full of stuff. I vow that when this remodel is done, I’ll only replace 50% of it.

On the positive side, the stainless steel appliances are only a few years old, and will stay. The layout is spacious even if the storage isn’t. The work triangle is compact and out of the way of traffic flow through the middle of the room. And there’s plenty of floor space for our “kitchen island,” better known as Duke, our boxer. The washer and dryer (also newish) are conveniently located on the enclosed back porch—not, thank goodness, in the basement.

The floor plan:

What we want …

Our goal is to return the kitchen to a style appropriate for its Craftsman roots, but upgraded with modern ammenities (like a dishwasher, which I haven’t had for 29 years), adequate electrical outlets (no more extension cords!), better lighting, and improved storage. We’re not changing the layout or knocking down walls. The floor will be gray linoleum, anything wood (cabinets, trim) will be white, the countertops charcoal gray, and the walls pale butter yellow. Our dining room table and coffee table are stacked with idea books from Old House Interiors, Fine Homebuilding, and This Old House. We think we know what we’re doing.

I found this inspiration online. Whoever you are, you did a great job.