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A total wash-out

September 30, 2013

Last weekend represented an important step in our kitchen’s rebirth. On Friday our electrician installed the last of our new outlets, and, more importantly, connected our dishwasher. When I came home, I found this pile of stuff on the counter. It had all been inside the dishwasher, like giblets in a frozen turkey.

papers inside dishwasher

By Sunday afternoon we had created enough dirty dishes to make a reasonable load, and it was time for a test run. I love its shiny stainless steel interior, like an inverted disco ball. I know, you all have dishwashers and you know what they look like inside. But this one is special: this one’s MINE. The first dishwasher I’ve had in almost 30 years.

dishwasher stainless steel interior

What the heck am I supposed to do with these two eyeballs?? Ah … one goes here.

dish soap capsule

Power on. Cycle selected. Three, two, one … launch! And then wait, breathlessly. No explosions, no leaks, no sparks … and no noise. Of course, I’ve had dishwashers in my distant past, and I remember their growls and sloshes and chug-chugging sounds … but I had to stand next to this one to hear it! I was amazed. Duke was pickin’ up good vibrations. The storm outside was a lot louder than the dishwasher.

boxer checks out dishwasher

We wondered what could possibly be going on in there for it to take over two hours for the normal cycle. By reading the owner’s manual we discovered that on the normal cycle, the wash arms operate one at a time. In the future we’ll use the quick cycle to save time. Eventually we left the room, feeling secure that no watery disaster would befall us, unlike the weather lately.

We came back in time to witness the end of its inaugural cycle. When the timer counted down to zero, a chime sounded. But wait–it wasn’t just a ding-ding. It actually played a little song–a victorious little ditty befitting the occasion. Is it possible to fall in love with a dishwasher??

Then, the moment of truth: I opened the door and reached into its tropical depths. So this is what clean dishes look like!! No baked-on grease left behind. No coffee stains in the cups. An old glass that had been etched with water scale glistened like new. Everything glistened like new. This thing isn’t just a dishwasher … it’s a miracle! LG, where have you been all my life??

dishes after washing

I still love my old Armstrong dishwasher, though, and so does Duke. Here are the two models, old and new. I’ll keep them both—it’s always good to have a back-up!

Duke and Eric with dishwasher



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  1. Gotta love that sparkle! I am glad to hear that you are keeping the previous (not old 😉 dishwasher around. It seems he comes in handy for a lot more than just washing dishes. 🙂

    • Yeah, those Armstrong machines sure are versatile! I’ll never get rid of mine! 🙂

  2. Judy permalink

    Nice dishwasher, but definitely keep the backup, which obviously does a great deal more than wash dishes. What is the flooring the kitchen. Maybe it’s the original. I can’t remember a blog about the flooring. I’m wanting cork for this kitchen. It is softer to stand on and is now coated with “stuff” to keep stains to a minimum. Have your seen any pretty ones in your home away from home?

    • Thanks, Judy! The flooring you see in the photo is the original linoleum (which we uncovered after removing layers of newer stuff). I really like cork, but we were skeptical that it would take all the dog toenail abuse. Flooring will be blogged about soon!

  3. I remember my first dishwasher, like you mentioned, it made so much noise you had to plan on going to the movies during its run! It was certain you couldn’t watch TV or have a conversation.
    My son and DIL have an LG washer/dryer and they love it and I remember being delighted at the little wind chime music that played when the wash was ready for the dryer. Congratulations! Wise to keep your back up system as well, you never know when you’ll need them. 😀

    • Thanks, Karen! I think appliances have come a long way. Our washer and dryer used to be my favorites, but now I’m in love with the dishwasher. Both of them! 🙂

  4. I use my light wash cycle too because the regular one takes hours. I’m glad you love it!

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