It’s been two months since our centennial party, and we’ve hardly touched the kitchen. We’ve suffered a severe case of DIY burnout after working this project for a year. But, something finally happened to get us off our lazy butts and back to work: I wrote  a large check to our countertop contractor. Now, we must get busy—or no countertops for us!

Ironically, we must take a giant step back to move ahead. The kitchen sink and our classy, black-painted plywood temporary counters (which, I swear, people have mistaken for slate) must be removed for the installer to take measurements.

“How the heck are you going to get that sink out of there? Because I will not help you lift it!” I badgered Eric. “I’ll take care of it,” he assured me, in a manly tone. “You’d better not chip it!” I harped.” And you’d better not even TRY to do it alone!!” I’m sure he had no intention of doing it alone. I’m sure he remembers his hernia surgery eight months ago … you would remember hernia surgery, wouldn’t you?

In the end, a friend’s husband helped with the heavy lifting. I meant to get a photo of the action, but I was distracted as the guys wrenched my beloved sink from her moorings and carry her back to the breakfast room, where she will chill on sawhorses until the quartz counters are installed next week. We are back to living like this:

sink has been removed form counter

And like this:

cast iron sink on saw horses

Even my bff dishwasher has been disconnected. Yes, that means another week in a dry kitchen … but we know this drill, and this time there’ll be an awesome reward at the end. I can’t wait to show you!  (I can’t wait to show me, first.)

Maybe I can’t lift a cast-iron sink, but I can hoist a paintbrush. The breakfast nook walls and bead board are finished. (Although not the window frames. Yes, I successfully put off the really picky work because we want to remove the stops and clean the sash cords and counterweights at a later, warmer date. Let’s not talk about the bathroom window frames, which I haven’t painted for the same reason. Three years later, we’re still waiting for the right day to tackle the century-old window mechanisms.)

While I was painting, two black-coated inspectors stopped by and cited me for not posting “wet paint” signs. Their coats offer proof that I have, indeed, been painting. Now, on to the kitchen ceiling. I must complete the painting before our new flooring goes in. Don’t want any paint splatting on my new floor!

black cats with white paint

Due to a scheduling glitch, our countertop installer arrived a day late. I was expecting high-tech laser measurements, but instead, he created templates by cutting and gluing mahogany veneer strips (something that felt familiar to me, with my ancient history of sewing my own clothes). Here, the strips are laid out on a run of cabinets, outlining our future counters.

creating templates from mahogany strips

corner cabinet template

Then the strips are hot-glued together.

applying hot glue to templates

Finally, out the door they go, to magically return as quartz countertops in one week. It’s been a long haul, and I can hardly believe we’re about to get REAL countertops! Is this really happening?? (And furthermore, what could possibly go wrong??) Stay tuned!

completed countertop templates

What’s that, dear? We should go out to dinner? All week? I thought you’d never ask!



14 thoughts on “Counterculture

  1. Jessica@CapeofDreams

    It would be easy to hate those inspectors if they just weren’t so darn cute! I have been putting off some painting because I don’t know how to keep Creme out of it. Anyway, I can’t wait to see your counters and hope that mine are going to arrive in 2014. I have my Skinny Sally now sitting in a box waiting for me to put her together.

    1. D'Arcy H Post author

      You will love Skinny Sally! I roll her out every morning to get the peanut butter. Countertops will be very exciting … are you keeping your cabinets?

  2. Stacey

    We’re so alike. I won’t have the energy or motivation to do much and then BAM, I get this burst of energy to complete a task. I love those bursts!

    YAY, counters! That was the best part of our kitchen reno. I almost cried. I’m so excited you’re getting so close and from having quartz the last few years I can tell you that there is NOTHING better in my opinion. They’re always shiny, easy to clean, never stain, and SUPER durable. I’ll never have anything else in the kitchen (or bath) again. Can’t wait for the reveal.
    Enjoy eating out! (no cooking is a treat in itself!)

    1. D'Arcy H Post author

      Stacey, thanks for the good review of quartz. It’s hard to imagine they will really be in my kitchen in less than a week. Of course we have a few cabinet doors to make and paint … but those should be quick, right?? 🙂

  3. Karen B.

    How exciting to be in the home stretch. I’ll be eager to hear how you like the quartz. I’ve heard that is now a counter top surface that many are switching to. The best part of a kitchen remodel is eating our or bringing in prepared food. 😀

    1. D'Arcy H Post author

      Yes, I can hardly stand the wait! We would have liked soapstone but the budget wouldn’t allow it (not that quartz is much cheaper). I’ve heard lots of good things about it, so I’m READY!! 🙂

    1. D'Arcy H

      Oh cool! I love our Sally. Perfect for holding peanut butter, seasonings, etc right next to the stove. Our Sally still needs to be permanently attached to her cabinet; she falls out if I pull her too far forward, but that’ll be fixed soon. I hope you enjoy her as much as we do! 🙂

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