Our third calendar year!

It’s 2014, and … oh, man … that means our kitchen renovation has spanned three calendar years! How can that be? We must be the slowest renovators on Earth. We began in September of 2012. This blog debuted in November, 2012. I had swell plans for commemorating those anniversaries, but somehow the dates slid past the Queen of Procrastination, and then it was too late. This entire project feels like that much of the time. But then I look at photos of where we started and I realize how far we’ve come:

kitchen corner

Fortunately for Eric and me, the company we work for closes over the holidays. We’ve had 16 wonderful, carefree days off, and if that’s not a holiday blessing, I don’t know what is. We’ve plugged away on kitchen details every day, at a pace that I’d call “pre-retirement.” And it feels good.

What have we accomplished? We have DOORS on all the cabinets! This no small feat, because every door is handcrafted and every single one needed special tweaking and adjusting. I love walking into the kitchen and being surrounded by white Shaker cabinets!

drawers next to stove

I’ve always wanted one of those hidey-holes under the sink for my sponges … and now I have one.

sponge drawer under sink

My favorite cabinet front is this little door under the sink, with its graceful legs and recessed toe-kick. (The rest of the cabinets have no toe-kick, typical of Craftsman style.) Is that cute, or what? I love the way it sets off the sink and faucet.

sink cabinet with legs and toekick

Lazy Susan’s doors rotate with the shelves. We elected to install oval brushed nickel knobs here because latches would be a hassle. I just want to grab it and spin, like on Wheel of Fortune. Lazy Susan has made Eric work hard: The shelves have required a lot of adjustment to spin smoothly, and even the pole itself dislodged! @#$%!!!! It’s possible I’ve overloaded her … but I refuse to give her a break.

Lazy Susan cabinet

Skinny Sally is so thin that she can’t carry off the Shaker look, so she wears a plain panel. Her neighbors tease her and call her Plain Jane, but she’s beautiful on the inside. And she has a great personality.

slim cabinet next to stove

To the right of my handsome hunk of a dishwasher is a quirky angled cabinet. As you can see, the door doesn’t fit properly—it had the audacity to warp. There’s no place to attach a latch because of the angle, so this one also has a knob and a magnetic closure. Eric’s going to remake this door, but for now it keeps the fur kids from pilfering their food supplies.

angled cabinet next to dishwasher

Lastly, we have the narrow bank of drawers to the left of the stove. Eric’s currently building the drawer fronts and I just finished polyurethaning the drawer boxes. This cabinet is not permanently attached to the wall in case we (or the next owners) want to remove it to accommodate a larger refrigerator. I would miss it, though … lots of storage space!

black cat and drawers next to stove

We’ve also painted and installed base molding all around, and patched, sanded, painted, and paneled some awkward transitions from bead board to plaster to countertop. I particularly admired Eric’s ingenuity when he glued bead board to the chimney surface.

bracing bead board while gluing

I have one more cabinet to paint, dozens of finish nail holes to fill, then I’ll tile the backsplashes. And—oh yeah—I keep forgetting the dang doors and the window trim. But, you can see the list is getting shorter! I can almost guarantee we won’t be working on the kitchen in 2015.


6 thoughts on “Our third calendar year!

  1. 1910housetohome

    There’s nothing wrong with taking your time! In fact, I sometimes wish someone would repeatedly scream that in my ear!!! It’s all looking good and you’ve got some really nifty solutions in there!

    1. D'Arcy H Post author

      Our kitties are tough inspectors! I had just shooed her off the counter, then I put her back up and told her to stay. She looked at me like, “Make up your mind!!”

  2. Karen B.

    It’s so nice to see the before and after. You guys are really talented. You are so lucky to have a husband that excels in carpentry. My dear, sweet husband is very talented, but not in the handyman, building department. Your kitchen looks great and I love the pull out storage piece. I feel confident you’ll be finished my Spring!
    What’s the next project? 🙂


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