The short story of tall 108

In the corner of our bedroom, in the sliver of space between the driver’s side of the bed and the wall, is a tall, narrow table—a plant stand, actually—that serves as a nightstand. It came from my parents’ house, where it stood in their bedroom, skirted with a lacy doily and crowned with a large sanseveria (snake plant or mother-in-law’s tongue). Ever since I refinished the mom-and-pop dressers I’ve heard it crying out for attention and nourishment. The whole table looks parched and brittle, and the top is blotched with water stains, which I can almost guarantee didn’t happen on my mom’s watch. Maybe it came to our family in bad shape. I don’t know its origin. It seemed to appear at some point during my early teens.

plant stand

While Eric was toiling away on the side porch in the 90-degree heat, I decided to give this little table the triple treatment of Murphy Oil Soap, Howard Restor-a-Finish, and Howard Feed-n-Wax—the same team that saved the dressers.

Murphy Oil Soap, Howard finish and wax

Besides, this was something I could do while sitting in the shade … lazy bum that I am. That’s when I turned the table over and learned that it’s table No. 108.

No. 108, plant stand

In just a few minutes the scratches and stains were gone, or very minimized. I might have been able to completely eradicate the water stains if I’d gone to the basement and searched out the steel wool, but like I said, I’m lazy. And it was 90 degrees.

Now No. 108 has a mellow, golden glow and it no longer looks parched. Much better, don’t you think?

plant stnd refinished

It’s hard to get enough light to take a decent interior photo in this corner, but No. 108 looks and feels so much better. It even blends nicely with the dressers, although I don’t know what kind of wood it is.

plant stand, end table

I tell you, Murphy and Howard work anti-aging magic. I have a birthday coming up … maybe they would take 20 years off my face?



10 thoughts on “The short story of tall 108

  1. Tom & Judy

    I have a number of “antiques” that could use this combination. Going to try it asap. The table turned out beautiful and is the perfect size for that spot. Thanks for sharing this info.

  2. Karen B.

    So do you use the Murphy’s Oil Soap full strength? I’ll have to try that trio. I’ve used Restor-A-Finish and been very satisfied, but that table/plant stand looks like new. Does this stuff work on facial wrinkles? 🙂

  3. Jo

    Such a pretty little table — beautifully restore. Thanks for reminding again about the magic trio. Jo @ Let’s Face the Music


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