Happy holidays from OB2C!

My living room/dining room painting project is progressing at the usual glacial pace due to all the things we’re finding to do during our holiday break (a dinner celebration, a movie, The Nutcracker, shopping, and just some much-needed relaxing). Christmas Eve and Christmas Day are not impediments to progress, but quiet time to enjoy with Eric and our furry and nonfurry friends. And, admittedly, it’s a reason to clean up the place a bit, because if it weren’t for Christmas dinner, I’d be tempted to use painting and plastering as an excuse just to let it all go. Here’s a favorite photo of our living room from 2012. We have a tree and decorations this year, but it’s not as tidy.

Craftsman living room with Christmas tree and decorations

Christmas 2012

The painting prep has begun, and I’ll share the early paint results next week. But right now, I want to pause for a moment to wish you a very merry holiday season. I hope that whatever your holiday plans, you’re having a wonderful time.

Eric and I photograph and print our own Christmas cards every year. Last winter we ventured out one drizzly night to capture the perfect Western Washington scene. This one became our card for 2015.

Christmas lights reflected in nighttime rain puddle

Green ginkgo leaf with 1913 - 2013 below it

9 thoughts on “Happy holidays from OB2C!

  1. curt

    Merry Christmas D’Arcy! I hope next year I get to have a Christmas Tree in our home as well – it looks beautiful! Have a great 2016 too.

  2. Jo

    Your house is perfect for Christmas — nice tall ceilings and loads of windows to reflect the sparkle. The photo card is festive in a modern art sort of way. Good job. Have a lovely holiday. Jo @ Let’s Face the Music

  3. Karen B.

    What a great picture of your Christmas card picture. It’s Christmas Day and we’ve already been shut out of the 10:00 AM showing of Star Wars. We’re hoping to make the Noon showing. Hope you have a wonderful day! Merry Christmas.


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