Happy holidays from OB2C!

Every year before Thanksgiving, Eric and I start thinking about what image we’d like feature on our Christmas cards. We enjoy making and printing our own cards. It’s a fun way to work a little creativity into the season. Eric has a high-quality printer, so normally we just buy blank cards and envelopes and print them up. But this year, Eric sent them off to be four-color offset printed because it was actually cheaper. We were a little disappointed in the quality—the color registration was off on the inside message, although the cover images seemed to be sharp. I think we’ll return to our DIY-printing tradition next year.

We couldn’t decide between two photos that Eric took a few years ago. One is Duke, barking at the dining room window against a background of snow-laden rhododendrons. The other is kitty prints in the snow on our deck. So, we printed them both. Why not go with a cat and dog theme? It was fun to match up what I thought each recipient would like most.

You can pick your favorite!

Boxer at window looking out on snowy rhododenrons

May the wonders of the season fill your heart


Cat prints in the snow

Prints of Peace


Happy holidays to all of my blog friends and followers. Best wishes for a peaceful and prosperous 2017!

D’Arcy & Eric and the furry gang at Our Bungalow’s 2nd Century

Green ginkgo leaf with 1913 - 2013 below it

19 thoughts on “Happy holidays from OB2C!

  1. Karen B.

    Merry Christmas to you and Eric. I would have enjoyed receiving either since we only have dogs now but used to always have a cat and a dog. Excellent photography!

  2. Anita Jensen

    We got the paw prints and I loved it! The picture of Duke, though, is awesome! You could send out both cards to everyone, just to make sure. Have a great holiday. We’ll miss you at Periwinkle

  3. Tom and Judy

    Even though we have cats, I think the one with Duke and all of the snow is wonderful. Hope you all have a wonderful and blessed Christmas and safe New Year.

  4. Elizabeth Nash

    I enjoy your adventures in s bungalow we too live in a Californian bungalow as they are known in Australia ours is built in 1923 and I have created Christmas cards this year that feature our dog and cat so great minds think alike

  5. Africadayz

    I can’t decide either… Love the prints but that one of Duke is gorgeous. Happy Xmas to you both and to your whole furry household.


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