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When good cabinets go bad

We’re getting so close to the finish line! Some days I feel like if we stopped now, I could live with it. Of course, that’s crazy—I still have to finish Mother Hubbard’s transformation, tile the backsplash, and paint the doors and trim. And when all is done, there will be a few things I need to touch up.

This past week, Eric finished the narrow bank of drawers between the stove and the fridge. Because the space is so narrow, the drawers overlap the frame, and are not inset like the rest of the kitchen. It looks a little odd to me, but if we’d included side stiles, the drawers would be too narrow to be of much use. I am happy that I now have someplace to store equipment that I use at the stove, barbecue tools, kitchen towels, and long rolls of foil and plastic wrap.

open drawers

BUT … somewhere along the line, this cabinet took a wrong turn, fell in with a tough crowd, and allowed itself to be skewed. Our countertop installer mentioned that it was slightly warped on one side, and sure enough, we could see the left side was a little cupped. Hmm … Well, no one will see that when the cabinet is snuggled in between the stove and fridge. Eric attached the face frames and the drawer glides, screwed the pulls onto the drawer fronts, and attached the fronts to the drawer boxes.

What the hell?? The top drawer tilts down ever-so-slightly to the right. The second drawer tilts a bit more, and the right edge isn’t flush with the frame. The third drawer tilts down a little to the left, and its left edge isn’t flush. The bottom drawer hangs out to the left, too. It’s all … wonky. When I look at the uneven drawers, I imagine a snaggletooth jutting up from a bulldog’s crooked jaw.

looking down at uneven drawers

Somehow the whole cabinet not only warped on one side, but took on a slight helix twist. It was square when Eric cut and assembled the pieces. And the Caesarstone counter is square. Sigh … Eric will rebuild it (and I will paint it and polyurethane it). Again. But for now, I’m going to use it as is, snaggletooth and all, because I’m not sure when its replacement will appear. Maybe I will grow to love its goofy face … but I doubt it.

front view crocked drawers

Update: Mother Hubbard is recovering nicely from her cosmetic surgery, and is very eager to get out in public again. For now, she’s still curing, I mean healing, in seclusion. Soon, Mother H, soon! (Okay, truth be told, we’ve been a little distracted by our fantastic Seahawks and that incredible Super Bowl!)